God’s Calling

Our history together in missions dates back to before we were married. Here is a snapshot of our stories as we first began to be involved in missions.


I remember attending a church summer camp in Ontario when I was a teenager. There was a guest speaker for the week who was the Director of Emmanuel International, a mission that served in various countries, reaching out to the poor and needy with the love of Jesus. I remember him saying to all of us, “My mouth waters at the potential in this room.” That really spoke to me. The speaker was referring to the potential to make a difference in this world for Christ. Soon after, I was accepted for summer work at Emmanuel International. The next summer Don and I met.


I remember God clearly speaking to me through His word the day after struggling with some real doubts about going into missions, even for a year. In my regular reading I came across the verses about Abraham being called to go to an unknown land and live in tents and how he obeyed and went. Well, one of the unique things about the ministry I was considering joining at the time was that we were not told ahead which country we would be serving in, and we would live in tents for our whole time in that “unknown” foreign land . Thank you, Lord, for speaking personally when we need it.


We both applied for missionary work with Emmanuel International many years ago. Little did we know that this was where we would meet each other!

We first met under a huge world map that hung on the wall at this mission based out of Ontario. Some people ask for a sign – we got a whole world map! Over the next several years we had the privilege of serving in different parts of the world. Before we were married, Don lived and worked in Jamaica. Sandra worked in the Canadian office, and spent three months in the Philippines. Once we were married, we moved together to Jamaica.

Through these experiences God has impressed on us His concern for the poor. Our desire is to share God’s love with those in need. This brings us to where we are today, and we are humbled that God would choose us to serve through Impact Ministries where God is so obviously at work. We are excited about the opportunity we have been given, to serve in the Canadian Operations role, and pray that God works through us to touch lives both in Canada and in Guatemala.

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