We Stand Amazed

I was driving here in Calgary this week and thought of how ridiculously amazing it is the way God answers our prayers. You might call it an aha moment when it suddenly hit me that God is responding to the cry of my heart. I thought of how I have cried out to the Lord from the depths of my heart, since 2009, for the abandoned babies that are often left at the hospital in Guatemala. I care so deeply about the needs of babies and children who face a future without parents! Don and I prayed for years about this, and although this is a story for another time, suffice it to say construction is happening and the walls are now going up on a house for 20 babies and a caregiver family and nannies. That is just one example of several ways that I am seeing God answering prayers, even ones we’ve prayed for years!

Another example of answered prayer: For several months now, I have been praying for someone  to help in the area of promotions for Impact Ministries. As we have been learning our new role, we have come to realize one of the challenges is to adequately convey to people how powerfully God is working in Tactic, Guatemala through Impact Ministries.  Just this week we met with a friend of ours who stepped up and volunteered to help with getting the word out. He is an exuberant  people person and excited about what he saw in Tactic. Not only that, he is bilingual in Spanish and English. Again, this is an amazing answer to prayer.God is putting a team around us of people who are coming alongside to serve in this ministry, providing gifts and strengths that are so needed. We still pray for more people on our team!

I could go on with more examples, but I am so awestruck at the way God actually listens to us and hears not only our words, but the cry of our hearts.

(photo credit: Christian Stonehouse)

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  • Thanks for your open hearts, your faithful prayers and for the joint venture. We love you guys!

    • Thank you Rita, we are so glad to be on this joint venture with you and Les and all the others! God is good!

  • Praise God! I remember well how you shared the burden of your heart for those babies. What an encouragement to me that God hears and answers our prayers – even when it seems like it’s taking a long time.

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