Ten days with 42 Grade 11’s!!

Definitely one of the highlights of what we do with Impact Ministries is traveling to Guatemala! Our most recent trip was with 42 energetic Grade 11’s. Including adults our total was over 50! We loved that our son Tim, and his wife Meryk, were part of this huge team!! Each day was a buzz of activity and so much fun. In the midst of it all, we were refreshed and energized!

Seeing our Guatemalan friends and co-workers in the ministry was such a delight! We rejoice in what God is doing. We give Him thanks, and we are motivated to carry on with our part of the work.

One great joy was seeing our sponsor children and how they have grown. Hugs were plentiful as we met and cherished the moments that we had together with Claudia. What a joy to see her not only receiving an education, but also growing up to know and love the Lord! She is a beautiful young lady now, full of dreams for her future!

Yet our hearts break as we hear stories of brokenness, sadness and anguish. We set out to visit a another family with about 10 of us hiking up a hill to a small and humble home. At first the girl told us her mom died two weeks ago. I didn’t believe it. I was sure something was lost in translation. This couldn’t be true. But sadly….it was. The girl shared of her mother’s illness, of her recovery, followed by illness again and again.  Of her mother crying out in pain as she suffered with her cancer before she died. The girl told us story after story of what had happened. As if this were not enough, she also shared that her brother was killed some few short months prior. Let me say, there was not a dry eye in the place. We gathered around her and prayed and wept.  And then after rounds of hugs, we left.

As I think of this sweet girl and the challenges that she is facing, it’s reassuring to know that she is receiving love and care in the Vida school she attends in Tactic, yet we are profoundly saddened as we think about her losses.

Such is the challenge of seeing poverty and brokenness and pain. We feel an overwhelming sense of sadness with them. We trust the God of hope to comfort them in their sorrow and pain.

Needless to say, God was (and is) doing a deep work in the lives of the Grade 11’s and adults on this team. This is all part of the reason we do what we do. It is our delight to work alongside many others at Impact Ministries!!

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  • It was a joy and a pleasure to have you here and work alongside you on our side of the world!

    God bless you both!

    • Thanks Julie, it was an absolute delight to be with you and Julio! We are so grateful for you!

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