Fountain of Life Children’s Home

Written by Sandra

We are thrilled to say that construction on the Fountain of Life Children’s Home in Guatemala is moving along nicely, with projected completion by the end of this year! Our Ministerios Impacto admin staff in Guatemala have been working on all the red tape and are making great progress in that area as well.

As you likely know, caring for abandoned babies has long been on our hearts. The plight of babies who are abandoned, with no family member coming forward to identify the baby is something that we have been moved to respond to in some way.

Yet who am I, and how can I do anything? These were my questions seven years ago when the Lord first spoke to my heart about this. The Lord seems to gently remind me that in fact I can’t do anything! It is only He who can save these precious little babies. If He chooses to use Don or me in a small way, we are honoured.

We are privileged to be part of a team of people who truly inspire and encourage us. The planning committee for the Fountain of Life Children’s Home is made up of Guatemalans and a few Canadians. During our first meetings in 2012 Don and I were amazed to see the intersection of our dreams with godly, capable Guatemalans who have the same passion. Our deep desire is that the dear babies who will come to call this their home will discover the love of Jesus as they are cared for, held, fed and changed. May these little ones truly know what it is to be loved!

There are so many things we could share with you.  About our hopes and plans to give these precious lives a sense of belonging. About the children being declared adoptable. About the current lack of adoptive families to take children in. But, what stands out for us is the church in Tactic Guatemala and their deep desire to be part of caring for the abandoned and the orphaned children in their own country. May God continue to stir their hearts!

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  • I am moved by these pictures Don & Sandra. Having delivered the blueprints, being onsite for the initial sod turning and initial clearing of the property, moving dirt and digging drainage lines with the men, and now to see the walls going up and ready for the roof ….. wow! God is so good!! Bless you guys as you continue on with a ministry that is so much part of the fabric of who you both are.

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