Summer in the Mountains – from BC to Guatemala

We have had a wonderful summer and now we embrace the new fall season that is upon us! The leaves are turning colour and the air is crisp, reminding us of our great God who has created the seasons for us to enjoy!

Our summer included travel to Kamloops and to Guatemala.

We went to Guatemala for three weeks to connect with staff and with the ministry there. What a privilege it was for us to get to know people more and to visit in their homes. A highlight of this trip was being with people and sharing our lives and our stories with one another. We are deeply inspired by our Guatemalan brothers and sisters and to hear their testimonies touches our hearts and stirs within us a desire to love God more.

It is always a delight for us to connect with our fellow staff with Impact Ministries. Going to Kamloops is an opportunity for us to be with the Canadian office staff who so faithfully manage the daily administrative tasks of the ministry. We are grateful for an amazing staff who work diligently, and are fun and friendly!!

At the end of August, we had our annual family camping trip in Radium, BC. We’ve had this tradition since our children were very small. Now, our family has grown and we take up two campsites! We totally enjoy our times together as a family!! This year our adventures included visiting a natural hot springs, and driving a 4X4 most of the way up a mountain and then a short hike to an absolutely gorgeous view!!

As we enter the fall season, Don is back teaching Grade 5 at Bearspaw Christian School, and working a couple days a month for Impact Ministries. We are thrilled that Amy, our daughter-in-law, has taken the contract to teach Don’s class on those days. Sandra is in full swing with a busy fall season of Western Canada Friends of Impact events. For those in Western Canada, you won’t want to miss this! Les Peters will be the speaker!

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