That nice lady…

…three words that meant so much to me. They didn’t remember my name. Last year was my first year representing Impact Ministries at Alberta Missions Fest in Edmonton. I remember a father and his teenage daughter who stopped by our Impact Ministries booth, interested in missions and making a difference in the world. We talked for a while and I invited the daughter to consider Impact Ministries.

Fast forward to 2017. Again I traveled to Edmonton for Missions Fest. What a joy to meet many new people. I also thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people who are long time supporters of Impact Ministries. Then, to my surprise, a dad and his daughter came to our Impact Ministries booth. They remembered me from 2016 and said they were looking for “that nice lady” from last year. The daughter continues to be interested in missions and we talked again. I can see that God is working in her heart. I am so happy to see this young woman seeking out how best to serve the Lord. What a privilege to be “that nice lady” in her journey.

The beginning of the year is busy for Impact Ministries’ staff and volunteers with Missions Fest in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Edmonton. March is another conference in Alberta. In all of this, we hope to be an encouragement to people as they consider their part in world missions.

It doesn’t matter if people remember my name. I am just happy to do my part, and if God uses me to touch lives, I am grateful.

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  • Michelle Wright March 7, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    You are a wonderful lady Sandra! I feel blessed to have known you in my youth and to call you my friend to this day! I’m sure God will continue to use in the lives of many people. 💟

    • Michelle, thank you for your kind words. I treasure the many times we have had together and am thankful for your friendship. God bless you!

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