A Birthday Party to Remember

April 15th was a special day this year. I (Sandra) attended the celebration of our sponsor girl, Claudia’s, 15th birthday. She is dear to us and we have seen God at work in her life, molding and shaping her into a woman after God’s own heart. In Guatemalan culture, the fifteenth birthday, called the quinceañera is a milestone that signifies a girl is becoming a woman. What a thrill it was for me to be able to share in her special day.

The celebration was like none other that I have ever attended. I was accompanied by a Guatemalan friend, and we arrived at the house just after 8am. Claudia was dressed elegantly in special traditional clothing. Before we left the house, Claudia had her hair styled beautifully. Once Claudia and her family and her friends were ready, we started the walk to the church. When we arrived, the guests were already seated.

Claudia was accompanied by eight special friends, and her friends were the first to walk up the aisle of the church. In pairs, they stopped and used  branches to make an arched passageway. Next, Claudia, her Mom and Dad and I walked down the aisle together. We walked in slowly and took our seats at the front of the church. It was a meaningful service, filled with worship and some special speeches. I didn’t know I would be giving one, so I was thankful that in the moment I was able to offer words of thanks and encouragement for all to hear.

Once the service was over, we went back to the house where live music and delicious chicken and tortillas were awaiting us. It was truly a celebration! Claudia is a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord and who shows wonderful promise for a bright future. She hasn’t grown up with material riches, but the richness of her faith has a value that is priceless. May God bless her, and make His face to shine upon her, and fill her with peace. We look forward to all that God has in store for her future.

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  • May our gracious Lord Jesus reward you abundantly. What a blessing for Claudia, to have you as a sponsors. Was a memorable day for the whole family.
    Thank you so much for love and support our people from Alta Verapaz in Guatemala.

    We have a huge love´s debt with you guys!!

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