Precious Babies

In April, I was privileged to travel to a country that has a special place in our hearts. As I (Sandra) was flying into Guatemala, I was remembering recent news that I had seen in the media. Sadly, it was distressing news of children who suffered and were neglected and abused. Much turmoil  had taken place in a  children’s home near the Capital City in Guatemala, resulting in over 40 children losing their lives. For me, this was heartbreaking.

As you likely already know, it is my strong desire and deep passion that children  experience loving care.  It saddens my heart when vulnerable, needy children are mistreated and not cared for. Although some children may not have parents, or may not be able to live with their parents, they are still worthy of a loving home – a place where they belong.

This is why Don and I are part of a committee planning a children’s home in Tactic, Guatemala. The plans are becoming a reality as we see the construction on the baby home nearing completion. While I was walking through the baby house in April, it was exciting for me to think about all the children who will be lovingly cared for in this place.

The baby house is only the beginning of our hopes and dreams. These precious babies will grow into impressionable young children with a capacity to learn and to be loved. May God grant us all wisdom.

Please be praying for Guatemala. May there be a brighter tomorrow for many children! Please pray with us for the precious children who will one day come to be at home at the Fountain of Life. 

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