Thankful to be part of growth in Guatemala

What a privilege we have to be part of the incredible things that are happening in Guatemala through Impact Ministries! We hear about children responding to the love of Jesus, and this response is followed by transformation in their lives. They move from despair to hope, from fear to peace, from worry to joy.

Impact Ministries is all about growing godly leaders. As with plants, growth takes time. Seeds are planted, the soil is watered, and God makes things grow. In Tactic, the land is very fertile, and growth is evident.  But just as the land is fertile, so are the hearts of the people. People are hungry for hope and light. And they are finding it in Jesus. They are experiencing new life and growth.

How grateful we are to be part of this. To see children being educated in the Vida schools where they enjoy a daily hot meal and are loved and cared for is such a joy for us.

Our work in Canada with the office staff is definitely behind the scenes, yet, such an integral part of this ministry. We are so thankful for those of you who are praying and giving so that we can do this.

Building a Brighter Future by Rebuilding Chamché

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