Once again, Don accompanied the BCS Grade 11’s to Guatemala during spring break! Our son-in-law, Josh, was also with this team as the team medic. Visiting with sponsor children was a highlight! It is wonderful to get to know these children that we sponsor.

Sponsorship with Impact Ministries is so much more than providing a Christian education. The children also have access to medical care in the Impact Ministries clinic, a hot meal each day at school, a new pair of shoes each year as well as their school uniform.¬†Even more important than all of this is the fact that they are introduced to God’s love for them.

We are so grateful for the privilege of meeting our sponsor children face-to-face. The mutual encouragement is wonderful. We learn so much from them and their families. They live in different circumstances than we do, and we learn from the faith and joy that they exude.


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